Mono Chrome was formed in May of 2002 by Clint Sand (also of synnack, and formerly of and Victoria Lloyd (of Claire Voyant and HMB).

By fusing electronics with uniquely powerful female vocals, Mono Chrome originally aimed to create danceable, yet dark electronic music. Their strong emotional and melodic components reached beyond the norm of "female fronted " electronic bands. This original style can be heard on Mono Chrome's full-length release, "Collapse and Sever" which was released world-wide on August 10th 2004 by Cryonica Music in Europe and Metropolis Records in North America.

The follow-up release tentatively titled "Hopeminus" will debut a newer and more experimental style remnisant of Bjork, Mum, Halou, and Boards of Canada. It is in the works and will be released late 2007.


Victoria Lloyd - lyrics/vocals, Ms. Baby Soft Mud Butt

Many have embraced her passionate vocal structures and intimate lyrics from her other band, Claire Voyant and from her work with Haujobb front man, Daniel Myer (as HMB). In Mono Chrome her vocals bring a seductive and powerful female element to electro dance sounds.

Clint M. Sand - programming/production/keyboard, technophiliac sensitive love machine

In addition to Mono Chrome, Clint is most known for his past work with who's own material, energetic live performances, and remixes had an acclaimed and established following. Currently, Clint runs 0xf8 Studios and focuses any remaining time on his experimental electronic band, synnack

As already accomplished and established artist receiving international radio and club play, Mono Chrome hopes to build on the already intense response to their work and cross the boundaries of "genre" and scene; drawing influences from styles ranging from ambient glitch, rock, to trip hop.


(On Cryotank Volume 2...) After the pure dancing high of Swarf and Blue October, "Cryotank" goes a bit more cerebral with Mono Chrome. A duo that consists of vocalist Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant, HMB) and instrumentalist Clint Sand ( Of the three Mono Chrome tracks on "Cryotank" only "Covered In You" allows an untainted listen to their sound. And on "Covered In You", Victoria is every bit as commanding as Lisa Gerard (Dead Can Dance) and Clint Sand is as adventurous as either Daniel Myer (Haujobb) or Richard D. James (Aphex Twin). The other two Mono Chrome tracks allow the remixers to claim the song. This is especially apparent on Terrorfakt's remix of "Fall Into You" where it seems only part of the chorus has been retained from Mono Chrome, the rest of the song be undeniably Terrorfakt.

-Michael Wozny (Virus Magazine)

"Take two of electronic music's veterans, Clint Sand of and SYNNACK and Victoria Lloyd of Clair Voyant and HMB, put them together and you get Mono Chrome. This combination of artists from two somewhat different backgrounds have created Collapse and Sever, an album with a sound all its own. Collapse and Sever is chock full of funky bass and airy synth parts that are backdropped by a drum beat that gets the toes tapping. Of course this album will impress club goers, but there is so much more here than just thumps and synths. If you are at all familiar with the works of Claire Voyant then you know that their vocals are always emotionally charged and meaningful, which is a fantastic topping of goodness on this heaping sundae of musical mastery. A great example of this dichotomy of real emotive vocal complexities and all out danceability is the track "Riveted." It goes without saying (but I will say it again anyway), this track is very body-moving, but what makes its allure even more powerful is the mysterious and beautiful voice of Lloyd whose vocal inflections truly convey a feeling that comes straight from her heart. Other tracks that deliver both of Mono Chrome's scope are "This Life," which is a slower dance track with long airy vocals, "Solutions," which contain a perfectly blended layering of Victoria Lloyd singing in two different keys throughout portions of the verses and chorus, and "This Death," which is really a slowed-down version of "This Life," and contains slow and dreary synth chords, a melancholy beat and vocals that would enthrall the darkest of the goths. Although "This Death" is not really danceable, it conveys the beauty that the two members strive to preserve throughout the whole album. Mono Chrome is a great way to continue two fantastic careers as Collapse and Sever brings to the table all that both members have to offer which results in a sincere dance album with heart and soul."

-pitchfork (ReGen Magazine)

"It needs to be mentioned that, with these two coming from different backgrounds, Victoria from more ethereal music and Clint from electronic/EBM music,they bring the best of both worlds to the table. Look no further than 'Awakened' for proof of Clint's programming prowess (he may well be the best artist to work in electronics that I've heard in years). Victoria, in her voice and words, brings an element of humanity and warmth to the proceedings sorely lacking from most EBM. Lacking in filler, every track here is thoughtful and substantial...I don't honestly know if Metropolis can top this release,it's easily one of the best things they've put out this year. Collapse And Sever is a fantastic debut for a duo who would be well-advised not to consider their collaboration a one-off. Mono Chrome have created a masterpiece and have raised the bar for EBM/industrial acts to follow."

-Jack Alberson (

A collaboration of Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant) and Clint Sand (Cut.Rate.Box), Collapse and Sever represents the first output since Mono Chrome's inception in 2002. With Lloyd's background in ethereal and Sand's electro skills, the combination falls between these two fields. In "Awakened", synths burble the disc to life as a driving beat invokes Lloyd's sultry, distinct vocals. The chorus certainly sucks one in, and while Sand's instrumentation lacks Cut.Rate's aggressive edge, her lush voice fits perfectly with his commanding dance structures. Even more engaging is the upbeat stomp of the aptly titled "Riveted". Frenetic sequencing and distinct snare hits flow sublimely with this hybrid of ethereal pop and traditional EBM. This is the pinnacle piece, and a nice remix by Assemblage23 at the album's denouement only solidifies its stature. From its vocoded intro, the relentless thump and twitter of "Liquid High" is perhaps the heaviest track here, with emphasis falling on its racing rhythms. There's also pieces like the bassline trance of "Sold", which strongly remind me of the Claire Voyant remix album, Time Again. Other pieces like the pensive trip-hop of "This Death" are also quite lovely. While diverging from the dance anthems, it cannot be mistaken as filler, especially as this particular song brims with slices of ear-catching distortion at its heart before gradually vibrating into silence. While all the tracks are graced with Lloyd's impassioned and rich vocals talents, Sand's synchronicity with her within the dance anthems shine with excellence. Dance-friendly, yet sensual, Mono Chrome have delivered here an excellent debut that successfully diverges from their other bands with its own seductive sound. (VM:8 DP:7) VM.

-Side-Line Magazine (

"Take the best of what modern Dance/Trance music has to offer, get rid of the clone scene stereotypes with Barbie-like candy coating, replace that with emotion and a kickin' Industrial edge and you'll get a good idea of what Mono Chrome is all about. ... Mono Chrome features plenty of hard synth goodness, phat leads, basslines over dancy beats and grooves combinedwith Victoria's lush and heavenly vocal work that makes the band easily stand out from the rest of the crowd."

-Jean-Sébastien Décarie (

"Origin: USA -Style/Influences: EBM that moves from poppy influences to cold sequences. -Comment: This is a brand-new American project, but not that new… Discovering the presence of Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant), we for sure realize that this is much more than an ordinary new comer… Mono Chrome shows elaborated and powerful EBM like on “Riveted” while moving into darker ... influences on "Fall in to you". This is a promising debut..."

-Rate: (DP:7/8)DP. Seba (Alfa Matrix Records)

"Streamlined and no nonsense, Mono Chrome's "Collapse and Sever" is teflon slick, aerodynamic EBM that hooks you, not only with infectious dance beats but also with appealing melodies and luscious female vox. A fine rushing spear of electronic music that avoids being too cluttered with excessive layers without sounding anemic, Mono Chrome's music (featuring Victoria Lloyd from Claire Voyant and Clint Sand of Cut.Rate.Box) is delicious synthpop/EBM stylings with a hint of gothiness and trance sensibilities. The melodies alone would be enough to grab you and fling you out onto the dance floor, but when you add in those sexy female vocals, your body really wants to get moving (and you can take that however you like, FCC be damned, heh heh). Heavy, at times, on computery synthpop elements, but not to the point of sounding home-brewed, "Collapse and Sever" is a tasty tease of electro indulgence. You can tell these artists wallowed in the crisp electronic pieces available for their manipulation, and we, the listeners, are glad they did."

-Kristofer Upjohn for

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