format: CD|MP3 - date: Fall 2008

New full length release in the works. Planned for Fall 2008.

LISTEN NOW: Demos on Myspace.

  1. Tiptoe (lyrics)
  2. The Innocence of Waking Up (lyrics)
  3. Covered In You (lyrics)
  4. Like You're Here (lyrics)
  5. What a difference it makes (lyrics)
  6. Leave the Insides (lyrics)
  7. Never (lyrics)
  8. Gtd (lyrics)
  9. Escaping Me (lyrics)
  10. Hope is gold (lyrics)
  11. Trip Shop Slice (lyrics)
  12. Different State of Mind (lyrics)

Even Now EP

format: MP3 Only - release date: December 31st 2007

New EP release scheduled for release on new years eve, 2007.

  1. Even Now (lyrics)
  2. Twin Seconds (lyrics)
  3. Sleep on Arrows (lyrics)
  4. Real Drums (lyrics)
  5. Sad (lyrics)

Collapse and Sever

format: CD|MP3 - date: August 10th 2004

The debut release from Mono Chrome || Cryonica Music (Europe) and Metropolis Records (North America)

BUY NOW: Order from Metropolis.

PREVIEW & BUY NOW: Order from iTunes.

  1. Awakened 127bpm (lyrics)
  2. Riveted 130bpm (lyrics)
  3. This Life 105bpm (lyrics)
  4. Indestructible 100bpm (lyrics)
  5. Liquid High 138bpm (lyrics)
  6. Thunder 98bpm (lyrics)
  7. Solutions 118bpm (lyrics)
  8. Fall In to You 140bpm (lyrics)
  9. Sold 140bpm (lyrics)
  10. This Death 70bpm
  11. Riveted (remixed by Assemblage23)
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